Rail connection means need for French language & cultural skills

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Thousands of French tourists are set to arrive on the streets of King’s Cross in a matter of months – and businesses are being encouraged to greet their new customers with at least a “Bonjour”.

King’s Cross Business Forum is helping its 2,000 members learn the lingo in the run-up to the Eurostar running from St Pancras International from November 14. In a bid to help the area’s businesses snap up extra custom from the continent, more than 50 snatches of French conversation have been recorded – on topics from shopping to getting to the station.

Sandi Phillips, leader of the King’s Cross Business Forum, said: “We are going to have a number of visitors from France and the rest of the continent. We are expecting more business and it’s really important to tap into this. They need to improve their language skills – that’s number one – and to be aware of the cultural differences. We want to make French people welcome and the most obvious thing is to learn to communicate.”

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