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Kwintessential’s founder Neil Payne travels (a lot!), his work with his company takes him all over the world providing companies with services such a translation, cross-cultural training and multilingual design. Kwintessential have offices all over the world in the United States, Argentina, South Africa and The United Arab Emirates, so Neil often finds himself on business trips making sure that the global operation is running smoothly.
In a recent interview with the travel company Neil revealed that travelling so much can be an bit of a nightmare for him as he is a not a good flyer. In the interview he tells us what he does to unwind on the times when he is travelling for pleasure (he likes a good old fashioned beach holiday!) and gives us some travel tips that have come about from his years of travelling the world (always say thank you being of them!). Neil also explains the differences between going to a country for pleasure and travelling there on business and how the locals react differently to you when you are just a tourist.
But it is not just his work that often sees Neil waiting at an airport lounge; he has quite an interesting sport too – Horseback archery! This takes Neil all over the world for competitions in counties such as Korea, Sweden Iran and Turkey.
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