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The Apple App Store has a huge range of apps for its users to enjoy ranging from entertainment apps such as games to the more business and money orientated apps to help today’s business world. There are currently 30,000 apps in the App Store for the iPhone user to choose from.

Apple offers its business users a selection of apps that it thinks will be the most useful for those who are on international business travel. These recommendations are a huge boon for the companies who made the apps as they receive the direct recommendation of Apple.
Kwintessential is one of the companies who has been featured in the top five apps that are recommended for business travels who use an iPhone.

Other recommended apps include guides on business etiquette for those who are conducting business deals abroad in unfamiliar countries. One of the tops tips, for example, emphasises the need for people who are doing business in China to be punctual as this is highly important to the Chinese people.

Kwintessential’s app offers invaluable information to the iPhone user about how they should conduct themselves when they are away on business. It focuses on etiquette and provides the user with direct links to the company’s website which offers translation and cross-cultural training services to companies who conduct a lot of their business overseas.

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