Japanese center release Intercultural Communication film

Japanese center release Intercultural Communication film

The Tondabayashi Intercultural Communication Center in Tondabayashi, Osaka Prefecture, with assistance from members of the general public, has released a film about intercultural communication.

The film “Shiranai Futari (Unacquainted Two),” which gives advice on how to overcome language barriers, was created by the center with help from attendees of a filmmaking lecture on multicultural coexistence held at Tondabayashi Public Hall in fiscal 2006. Nisao Maekawa, secretary general of the center, said that watching the film would give local residents insight into getting along with the increasing number of foreign residents in the area. The scenario for the film was taken from a booklet titled, “Let’s Speak to Foreigners in Easy Japanese,” published by the center in fiscal 2005.

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