Intercultural firms find new ways to get the best out of staff

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For Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Ltd, the Indian subsidiary of auto components maker Robert Bosch GmbH, getting its employees from different cultures to work together proved more difficult than cracking a bug that infected a Japanese client’s information technology system.

Its customer relationship, sales and marketing teams were from Germany, while the technical team was from India. Misunderstandings reached a point where they could not do their job.
The company solved the problem by starting a team-building exercise that focused on creating a common ground, increasing interaction beyond “mails reporting bugs” and sensitizing employees about different working styles.
Globalization has brought with it a need for multinational companies to manage diversity to function well in an inter-cultural environment. Which is why “we took a hard look at our value chain”, says T.K. Sathyanarayana, head of human resources at Robert Bosch’s India arm.

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