Germans Want to Ban Kissing at Work

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The German Knigge Society (or as it translates the German Etiquette Society) has announced that it feels it appropriate for kissing in the work environment to be banned.

According to the society the Germans find kissing in public highly offensive and therefore kissing in the office is extremely inappropriate. The chairman of the group said that kissing in the office (he is talking about pecks on the cheek rather than full blown kisses) is only a recent development but that it was affecting the way people were going about their work in the office environment.

Germans are traditionally very polite and their work environment is very formal, so pecks on the cheek (even when used as greetings) do not really fit with the usual way of doing things and handshakes are considered to be much more appropriate.

Here are some office etiquette pointers to make sure that you are staying on the right side of the boss with your manners!

1. If you have to eat at your desk make sure that you food is office friendly – so avoid anything that is very smelly.
2. If you use social network sites make sure that you limit who can see your posts, you can come across as very unprofessional if you are telling all of your co-workers about how you were drunk at the weekend.
3. If you are in a relationship with someone at work then make sure that you keep it quiet as it can often be frowned upon by managers as it is thought to be distracting.
5. Always make sure that you look smart and well presented as this will mean that you are taken seriously in the work environment.

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