Germans Voted World’s “Least Funny Nationality”

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In a recent poll that was carried out by the Germans have come out on top as the nation who is considered to be the least funny (as perceived by the rest of the world).
The culture poll was run by the social network and online dating website It ran the survey across 15 countries and asked 30000 participants to rate countries in order of those which they thought were the funniest in the world.
The results that came from the poll were quite revealing. The Americans were the highest ranked in terms of their humour in the culture survey and the Spanish came a close second, as they were voted as having the funniest culture in Europe.
The Germans won the title of the nation that was least likely to crack jokes. They topped the poll by an absolute landslide beating off competition from Turkey and Russia.
The UK came a poor 15th place in the race to be the world’s funniest nation, far behind the Americans, Spanish and the French. What is even more worrying for the UK culture is that the UK was only fourth from the bottom, far too close for comfort to being seen as one of the least funniest nations in the world.
The Americans were no doubt voted as the funniest nation due to the popular TV shows such as Friends, Frasier and The Simpsons whose humour has travelled very well all over the world.
The organisers of the survey (who are themselves a UK company) said that they were surprised that the UK came so far down the list, considering it gave the world shows such as The Office and Monty Python. said that it did hope that the UK would have ranked higher in the culture survey.

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