Doing Business in the Bahamas – Cultural Tips

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Meeting and Greeting

* Handshakes are the norm. They should be firm and friendly.
* It is good manners to wait for a woman to offer her hand first.
* Maintain eye contact during the greeting process.
* Professional or academic titles with the surname are used in business. Professional or academic titles may also be used with the honorific title (Mr., Mrs., or Miss), with or without the surname.
* If someone does not have a title, use their honorific title and their surname.
* Wait until invited before moving to a first-name basis, which may occur more slowly than on other Caribbean islands.
* Business cards are exchanged without formal ritual.
* Treat business cards with respect. When you receive a card, place it in a business card case. The manner you treat business cards is taken as a sign of how you will treat the relationship.
* Writing on someone’s business card in front of them is considered rude.

Bahamian Communication Style

Bahamians have a lyrical, musical quality to their language which probably descends from their West African roots. Although they are direct communicators they are also quite adept at modifying their language to make it come across as friendly and insensitive. Humour is also very much part of their communication style.

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