Conference on Business, Languages and Intercultural Skills

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Language skills are crucial for growth and jobs. Each year, thousands of European companies lose business and miss out on contracts as a result of their lack of language skills and intercultural competence. The challenge for internationally active firms is to integrate different organisational cultures and communicate efficiently in order to maximise performance.

How can companies acquire a more strategic approach to multilingual communication? Are national education and training systems able to provide dynamic enterprises with enough people with the right skills? Is the European labour market flexible enough for entry into new markets?

Mr Leonard Orban, member of the European Commission responsible for multilingualism, is hosting an international conference in Brussels to discuss the issues of languages as a competitive strength for Europe.

Case studies from both large and small companies will be presented. Three parallel workshops will be organised on:

* Languages and regional development
* Language skills in companies – supply and demand
* Promoting language learning in companies

The speakers in the plenary sessions and workshops will represent businesses, teaching and training providers, education authorities and regional developers. Participants will include, among others, chambers of commerce, cultural institutes, language schools, developers of language teaching software, management consultants and trade organisations.

The conference is free of charge but participants will have to pay their own travel costs and accommodation in Brussels. Although registration is open, the number of participants is limited. The Commission reserves the right to screen applications with the objective of ensuring participation from a wide range of countries and target audiences. If you would like to join the conference, please register as soon as possible, so that we can confirm your participation early enough for you to find accommodation without problems.

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