Business etiquette in China

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A whole cottage industry has developed for telling visitors how to behave on business trips to China, from how to hold your chopsticks to the famous Mao Zedong sayings that can be cited at meetings.

Much of this makes sense, as China is a place with a strong sense of its history and uniqueness. But do not worry too much; it is much simpler than it seems.

At business meetings in China, there is often not too much ceremony, but the one important thing is to bring a suitcase-full of business cards. Every meeting starts with a thorough exchange of cards and your hosts will be flummoxed if you come without.

Your guidebook will probably have told you to hand over your card with both hands but do not to be too worried about the ritual. The important requirement is to make sure that your card has a Chinese translation on the back with a clear description of your job title.

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