Business Etiquette Basics in China and Japan

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Manners and attitude speak volumes in Asian countries. When making a new business contact, ensure your intentions aren’t lost in translation.

When conducting business in any country, certain customs are assumed: a firm handshake, eye contact, an exchange of business cards followed by friendly conversation. Although Asian countries often have similar customs, it is important to understand that even something as simple as direct eye contact can be misconstrued and cause a business interaction to end before it even begins.

Manners and attitude speak volumes in Asian countries, pointing to your inner character. Here are some basic tips to help make introductory business exchanges in China and Japan successful.

Business Introductions
When first meeting a new business contact, it is important to make a good impression and present yourself according to the customs of the country. In Japan and China, this entails bowing to indicate respect, says Asia Pulse’s Guide to Business Etiquette in Asia. In Japan, bowing is especially important, although the Chinese also consider bowing a key part of any introduction.

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