Body language says more than words

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The survey by networking company found 79 per cent of workers believe body language speaks louder than words, especially when it comes to interpreting the boss’s directions or making sense of a conversation at work.

Furthermore, 87 per cent of the 1568 people surveyed say they are usually correct with their interpretation.

They pick up the warning signs far quicker from understanding body language than analysing words, which can often be ambiguous.

“Body language is a vital part of everyday communication and having the capability of understanding physical signals can have a significant impact on corporate success,” LinkMe CEO Campbell Sallabank said.

“Well-crafted body language helps people in all areas of their career, particularly in interview situations where first impressions are crucial.”

“Emails are misinterpreted so often because the words on screen do not convey the all-important tone, expression or nuance,” Mr Sallabank said.

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