Being Drunk a British Cultural Characteristic

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A new study has shown that around 25% of British people think that being drunk is part of the British culture. The poll showed that more people thought that being drunk made you more British than having a hard working attitude towards life.
The survey that was carried out by Optimum Research UK collated results from over 2000 British people who were questioned as part of the study. Over 60% of the British people that took part in the culture study said that drinking tea was always a big part of British culture as well as the long joked about discussions about the weather.
Worryingly the culture study showed that the British people who took part in the survey were not entirely sure of the typical set of traits that would make up the typically British person and the same people were unsure as to the image that was portrayed to people abroad.
It is concerning that alcohol and getting drunk seem to appear high in the results of this culture study and it seems a shame that this might be the image that the British are putting over to people who live abroad. The British culture is such a rich one that has a wealth of history woven into it that it is a crying shame that we are depicted as drunk people when we go on our holiday abroad.
According to the study many of the people surveyed also did not know when St George’s day was which is also something of concern as this means that the British people are not entirely sure of their own culture or heritage.
Bring drunk is sadly one of the things that many British adults do on a regular basis and this is evident in the binge drink culture that is developing.

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