About Us

About Us

International CommunicationKwintessential’s History

Kwintessential was conceptualised in 2003 by three partners keen to support businesses through the challenges of globalization and internationalization.

They foresaw the future demand for language services and solutions as well as culturally and globally savvy insight into business functions.

The company started life offering language lessons, cultural awareness training, translation and interpreting. It expanded to encompass further key products such as website design, desktop publishing, conference interpreting and transcription.

Our humble beginnings were on a living room table in Hounslow (Middlesex) before upgrading to a bedroom in Croydon.

From there the business has grown and now within the UK operates out of offices in Somerset (HQ), Croydon and Central London. Abroad our clients are served by local offices in America, South Africa, the UAE and Argentina.

International expansion sits at the heart of the company’s future with key locations in up and coming economies being planned.

Kwintessential’s Services

Our solutions focus on two areas:

1) Translation, Localisation and Written Language
2) Interpreting and Spoken Language

These areas are divided across a range of services, including:

Translation Simultaneous Interpreting
Proofreading Telephone Interpreting
Localisation Linguistic Review
Editing Transcreation
Desktop Publishing Audio Transcription
Consecutive Interpreting

We understand that your language needs are often more complex and multi-faceted than a simple translation, and our aim is to use the right combination of services to provide you with the perfect solution, whatever your goals may be.
If you can’t find the service you need on our website, then simply call us to talk through options with one of our experienced relationship managers.

Kwintessential’s Team

Kwintessential’s team in the UK can be split into the following:

  • Office Managers: Our managers across all offices ensure things are running smoothly and co-ordinate business processes across the company.
  • Relationship Managers: An 'RM' looks after our clients. They ensure that they understand their needs and look after their interests.
  • Project Managers: A 'PM' works alongside and RM. They carefully manage the process of arranging a translation, providing an interpreter or getting a brochure translated, printed and delivered to your door.
  • Translators & Interpreters: We have a team of over 2000+ linguists across the globe who work for us. All our translators and interpreters are full-time, qualified, professional and experienced.
  • Trainers/Consultants: We have a group of intercultural specialists that work with Kwintessential on all levels of cultural awareness training and consultancy.
  • Web Designers: Our team of web designers work specifically on building, designing and adapting websites into foreign languages.
  • Graphic Artists: When you want your flyer, brochure, manual or handbook designed and ready for print in a foreign language, our DTP team will offer a seamless service.
  • Resources Team: As well as commercial services we also offer a number of free tools and resources which the Resources Team dream up and implement.

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Our Offices

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At present we have offices in the UK, USA, Argentina, South Africa, Switzerland and the UAE. All offices offer similar services although each will have their specific expertise. For example, our Dubai office will naturally have more expertise in Arabic translations, whereas our Cape Town office will be more focused on their local languages or the demands of their clients.

Quality Assurance

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Quality is the be all and end all for us. Without it we would not still be here. We aim to provide quality every step of the way; from initial phones calls and quotes down to the accuracy of a translation or functionality of a website as well as after our after care service. If quality is important to you read more about how we assess and assure it.


Trusted Translation Service

“I was delighted with the service - it was fast, efficient and accurate” [Médecins Sans Frontières].

Want to see what some of our clients have said about us and our work? Click through to the testimonials page where we have quotes from companies concerning our translation, interpreting and training services.

Join Kwintessential

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We are always looking for bright talent to join our team. We regularly have positions within the company as well as for consultants and freelancers wanting to partner with us.

For the most up-to-date news on vacancies, temporary positions, internships and the like, please click through to the page.

Our Blog

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If you want to keep your eye on worldly news around the solutions and services we provide, the subscribe to our blog. We'll keep you abreast of the latest news in global business, trade, language, localisation, cultural awareness and much more. Click on over and check it out to find out more for yourself.

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